At last… an actual web site

Yeah, I know it isn’t up to much, but look on the bright side, at least you can now point all of your cool friends who will have nothing to do with Facebook or Twitter in the direction of LUC.

Speaking of twitter, you may have noticed, just to the left of here, that there is a shiny new Leamington Underground Cinema twitter feed which you can follow at @LeamUCinema – all that _paperjam stuff was getting confusing, although there may be some new stuff appearing over there soon if I can get my considerable arse in gear.

Thanks to everyone who came along to LUC @ SOA, despite my moaning it sounds like you all had a cracking time, which is marvellous. News of the next event will be coming ridiculously soon. Assume your favourite brace position, be it solo or shared.


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