Most Eagerly Awaited: Looper

Of all the exciting looking genre flicks coming out this year, the one I’m looking forward to the most is definitely ‘Assassin contracted to kill future self in time travel confusion’ movie Looper.

This is for two reasons, firstly, it just sounds cool – like an adaption of a Philip K Dick story that doesn’t exist. Secondly it is the third feature from Rian Johnson (twitter: @rcjohnso) who made the sharp noir Brick and ace fairy-tale con-man caper movie The Brothers Bloom. These are both great and very different films, worth checking out at you earliest convenience and serve as notice that in a year with some of the most massively hyped movies ever – you definitely should not lose sight of this when it appears in September.

Mr Johnson has said that if you are looking forward to the film then you should probably avoid the trailers from  now on, but if you fancy it here is the new one released today – get ready to dash your laptop violently against the nearest wall if you feel it is getting into spoiler territory (or click pause if feeling less dramatic).

In a creative postscript, you might want to check out this rather nice Brick diorama from Neon Flower’s (@neonflower_May Contain Spoilers collection (sorry, realise I’ve spoiled that one, but loads more to have a go at on the page)

…and also have a butchers at Art By Prescription‘s (@artbypresc) alternative Brothers Bloom poster:


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