Remote Control Film Night 4: Communique No.1

On Wednesday 15th August 2012 at 19.30 GMT the staff at the Leamington Underground Cinema broadcast bunker will once again cast personal safety and good taste to one side in order to bring you, denizens of the internet, another Remote Control Film Night.

The logistics sub-committee have been hard at work to create a timetable of gripping entertainment, fiendish quiz action and mostly legal opportunities for interactive participation.

So gather your friends, gather your family, bolt the door, arrange all provisions in order of best-before date and place a lined bucket in the corner of the room. You will then be ready to join in this free on-line film night in one of three technical flavours:

– on Facebook:

there is an event page where you can invite your friends, should you have any:
– via twitter
follow @LeamUCinema

– and for those that don’t tweet or FB, on this very web site, here is the address for completionists:

There will be further communiques from the propaganda committee over the forthcoming weeks, but we can already confirm the involvement of known dissident ‘J. Kennedy’ who will be making a virtual appearance of an as yet indescribable nature.

Consider yourselves both informed and warned.


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