Remote Control Film Reenactment Competition

On each of the previous Remote Control Film Nights, the creatively rabid LUC following has proved itself hugely adept at winning all sorts of prizes by grabbing the nearest camera and anything else that might be nearby and using it to reenact classic scenes from cinema history.

Who can forget last year’s shot for shot tribute to the opening moments of Cliffhanger from Kate ‘Herzog’ Sahota?

(you can watch the video over on Facebook)

This time round we’re opening up the competition a bit earlier to give everyone more time to create and submit their own masterpiece. Get your entry in by posting a link on this site, the LUC facebook page, or by getting in touch via @LeamUCinema on twitter.

Deadline for entries is midnight on Tuesday 14th August, following which there will be a screening of the best entries and an X-factor-esque public vote during the Remote Control Film Night itself on Wednesday 15th August.

Get filming, get posting, try not to hurt yourselves.


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