Exciting Hybrid Film Poster Competition!

LUC veterans will be aware of the ongoing hybrid film name nonsense that has been going on for a while. Its origin was a (possibly drunken) suggestion by my imaginative (and possibly drunken) girlfriend for a mashup erotic thriller/zombie movie called 9 1/2 Weeks Later. This inevitably led to all sorts of further ideas such as the surreal ‘Withnail & I, Robot’, the disturbing ‘Men In Black Beauty’ and the needlessly complicated ‘Very Bad Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead Calm’.

This quickly became a competition on the LUC Facebook page attracting hundreds of top quality entries, notable mentions to ‘Big Mommas House of 100 Corpses’, ‘Schindlers Kill List’, ‘Pretty In Pink Flamingos’ and ‘Do The Right Swamp Thing’.

The eventual winner was Carl Booth with the deceptively simple but extremely funny when said out loud ‘Dirty Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets’. Subsequently we had an eighties only version which was won with the only slightly distasteful ‘My Left Footloose’.

In an almost unavoidable move, my imaginative, possibly drunken and altogether talented girlfriend a.k.a. Art By Prescription (@artbypresc) has now started producing posters for some of these made up hybrid films, have a look over at her ace web site.

So now seems like a good time for the first Leamington Underground Cinema in association with Art By Prescription competition: Design your own hybrid film poster, using whatever medium you like and the best one received by Friday 1st February will win the following:

  1. Very cool Japanese chirashi posters for the movies ‘Drive’ and the fincher re-make of ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”
  2. Your choice of any print from http://www.artbyprescription.co.uk
  3. A mystery cult DVD
  4. Free Entry to the next LUC event that actually costs money to attend

To enter, you can send your artistic efforts in using any of the following methods

  1. Post it on the LUC Facebook page
  2. E-mail it to jim@paper-jam.co.uk
  3. If it is of a more physical nature, find me and hand it to me personally, ideally with a cash bribe to make sure you win.

So get the crayons out, fire up MS Paint, or grab nearby people and do some sort of photo collage, I really can’t wait to see what you come up with – I’m sure they will be better than my effort here, for a sweary sci-fi political satire flick from an alternate future universe, ‘In The Looper’


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