Most Anticipated 2013 Films 3 of 10: The Counselor

If I was writing this a year ago, chances are that one of the films we would have been looking forward to would have been Prometheus.

With the wide eyed naivety of a comely young farm girl moving to the big city we were all drawn in by the bright lights of Ridley Scott, the mysterious hints of the Alien mythos and the somewhat chilling trailer. However once we’d seen Prometheus we had all lost our innocence, been chewed up by the big city and were reduced to performing sexual favours in the nearest bus station – metaphorically speaking.

The following sums up the whole thing far better than I ever could…

So, I’m a little surprised to once more be looking forward to the latest from a director whose last really good film was Black Rain in 1989. The reason for this irrational excitement is that The Counselor is being scripted by Cormac McCarthy, the author whose work provided the source material for No Country For Old Men and knockabout comedy The Road.

I’ve read that Ridley Scott has been trying to make a film of McCarthy’s utter masterpiece Blood Meridian for some time – which if you’ve read it will leave you wondering how a mainstream film could do justice to a poetic epic about utter psychopaths. The idea is intriguing, and fair play to Scott for wanting to give it a go, but I reckon the giant, albino genius and child killing gang leader Judge Holden is probably a character best left to wreak havoc on the page. If you think the Jack Reacher fans were upset about Tom Cruise getting that role, there’s likely to be some sort of actual riot if they roll out McCarthy fan Brad Pitt to play Holden.

The Counselor has been scripted specifically for the screen by McCarthy, rather than adapted, although the sparse style of his novels lends itself well to the ‘show, don’t tell’ format needed for the flicks. The plot is said to revolve around a lawyer getting in over his head in a drug deal – which sounds like it might inhabit a tangential universe to that of the shady businessman attempting to pull the strings in No Country For Old Men. In another link to that Coen Brothers classic, Javier Bardem is involved, although his character is listed with the name ‘Reiner’ – so I guess we won’t be getting another helping of the enigmatic Anton Chigurh and his coin toss of doom. If we get any scene that is even half as good as that The Counselor will be well worth a go.

The Counselor is out towards the end of 2013 and features Michael Fassbender, Cameron Diaz and the afore-mentioned Pitt, who really needs to avoid doing any more of those shockingly poor Channel adverts.


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