Most Anticipated 2013 Films 4 of 10: Wrong

Wrong PosterTechnically this film might have come out last year, but hasn’t really been shown in the UK so I’m still in the process of anticipating it.

Director Quentin Dupieux is also Mr. Oizo, who gave us that Levi’s schilling yellow puppet Flat Eric – but don’t hold that against him. His last film was the surreal and fantastic Rubber, the tale of a psychotic car tire (called Robert) with telekinetic powers embarking on a killing spree.

In addition to the main, fairly mad, premise, Rubber also had a cunning meta film thing going on, with a built in audience within the film watching events and probably one of the best opening monologues I can remember.

All of which makes me very eager to see his subsequent movie, Wrong. The plot has something to do with a man who has lost his dog and is involved in some sort of programme which involves him communicating with said canine. It looks deeply surreal and features a turn by the bloke who plays Stevie in Eastbound and Down.

I mean really, what’s not to like?


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