Most Anticipated 2013 Films 7 of 10: Snowpiercer

spCinema has given us a whole load of different reasons for the looming apocalypse. Nuclear war, food shortages, viruses, melting ice-caps, alien invasion and even the sun going out. However recent events in the UK have led me to believe that, as hard as it is for me to accept, Roland Emmerich’s 2004 shit-fest The Day After Tomorrow might have a point and our ultimate downfall will be snow.

You can re-build bombed cities, you can quarantine continents if need be, you can wait for the aliens to catch bird flu and you can even re-ignite the sun with a big bomb (apparently) – but as soon as half a centimeter of frozen wet stuff falls out the sky, the whole place goes completely feral.

First off, no one bothers going to work – they are all too busy emptying all the shops of bread and milk – then they hunker down in their houses acting like the plot of Threads has just kicked off, or more annoyingly, get into their 4×4 and drive around the place as though they are heroic mountain rescuers in half an inch of melting slush.

So if it snowed properly I dread to think what might happen. One prospect according to the french comic series Transperceneige, is that everyone left will get on a massive sci-fi perpetual motion train which will travel around the world, the passengers gradually forming a class based society. So a bit like the chiltern line really, apart from the perpetual motion bit. And the bit about trains running in snow.

Snowpiercer is an adaptation of this novel, currently being made by Bong Joon-Ho, yet another Korean genius filmmaker whose last three films Memories Of Murder, The Host and The Mother are as good as, if not better than any other director’s last three films.

So we’ve got an intriguing premise, a first class (sorry) director and from the looks of it a wildly eclectic cast including the likes of Captain America, a Korean Vampire and Spud out of Trainspotting. My hopes are high.


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