Most Anticipated 2013 Films 9 of 10: Under The Skin

Here are 10 reasons why Under The Skin should be on everyone’s anticipated film radar this year:

1. It is an adaptation of a ‘darkly satiric’ novel about an alien corporate operative trapping humans for the purpose of making food out of them.

2. The Alien in question is played by Scarlett Johansson

3. Scarlett Johansson looks quite like a young Christopher Walken


4. All films are made better by the inclusion of some hint of Walken – even Gigli

5. It is being made by director Jonathan Glazer

6. Jonathan Glazer is one of the most inventive advert and music video makers around

7. His feature debut was Sexy Beast

8. Sexy Beast was able to convincingly turn Ghandi into a shaven headed psycho who called everyone in sight a ‘Caahnnt’

9. Glazer also made the under-appreciated, stylish and properly creepy Birth

10. It is going to be set in remote parts of Scotland, which is exactly where all films about a ‘ruthless alien seductress’ should be set.

Under The Skin Movie


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