LUC Festival Update 2: Got a date: 22-28 July

After looking at lots of calendars detailing local and national events, consulting the tarot, reading the leaves and trying to avoid coinciding with any particularly compelling forecasts of the apocalypse – I’ve settled on the week of 22nd-28th July 2013 for the inaugural Leamington Underground Cinema Festival.

Currently waiting to hear back from venues and making initial enquiries with film companies about some of the cult films I’m keen to include in the programme. Even at this early stage, I can tell this is going to be a bit of an ordeal – mostly because with some of the films I’m after it is hard to find out who has the copyright and in some cases, it seems that there is no Uk distributor. All good fun though.

I’m also going to be hitting up some local, and maybe not so local businesses to see if they would like to help with sponsorship – especially in terms of the prize for the short film competition. So if you fit in one of those categories I’ll be getting in touch.

Also thinking of a small kickstarter campaign to help pay for printing, advertising and other logistics – if anyone has any experience or advice about crowd-funding give me a shout.

More very soon.


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