Netflix Attraction or Atrocity? Amber Alert

tt2093944One of the toughest things for a film to do is to make an audience empathise with, or even root for a demonstrably bad or evil character.

In some cases this is down to brilliant plotting or characterisation, in other examples it is down to a great acting performance – you’d rather go for a drink with Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham than Costner’s boring Robin Hood.

Impressively, the makers of found footage thriller Amber Alert have achieved the seemingly impossible by making the viewer firmly take the side of a nasty, child kidnapping/murdering psychopath.

In the incredibly well-trod path of The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, Trollhunter, Chronicle et al, we are introduced to best friends Samantha and Nathan, who have enrolled Samantha’s younger brother to film them for some inane reason that eluded me entirely.

Samantha and Nathan are instantly annoying – and not just a little bit like a slightly itchy toe – these two are annoying like a cactus up the arse would be annoying.

While driving around, talking absolute crap to each other, they spot a car that has been flagged on motorway signs relating to a child abduction. After some tremendously irritating arguing they decide to tail the car – the rest of the film follows some hackneyed twists and turns before inevitably ending up in a scary, dark place for a cat and mouse finish between the evil kidnapper and our supposed heroes.

Over the course of the hour or so that the trio are on the trail of the villain, you will learn to hate Samantha and Nathan in ways that will make you doubt your own humanity. Minute after irritating minute of repetitive, screechy, stupid (and presumably improvised) dialogue will make you hope that the kidnapper will painfully kill these two mewling characters as quickly as possible and get on with his probably slightly less annoying kidnapping and murdering.

Perhaps it is a triumph for the actors to create characters so annoying that you would happily let a child molester go free to be rid of them. Personally, I was praying for some kind of traffic accident by the half hour mark, I’m really not sure why I watched the rest of this. I can only equate it to those moments when you are drunk and try to see how long you can hold your hand over a flame.

Attraction Or Atrocity? Atrocity. Avoid this film like you would avoid the edge of a cliff


One thought on “Netflix Attraction or Atrocity? Amber Alert

  1. I think your review of this film is absolutely atrocious. How horrible you are for preferring a child to abducted and murdered over people trying to save her. Would you idlely stand back and allow that to happen to one of your own?

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