Don’t Forget – Remote Control Film Night – This Thursday

rcfn5Clear your diary this Thursday evening, disconnect the doorbell, lock the kids/pets/hostages somewhere quiet and make sure you have plenty of food and drink at hand. It’s time for another completely on-line LUC film night that you can enjoy from wherever you like – so even the deeply agoraphobic, painfully infected, internationally wanted or long-term incarcerated can join the fun.

The 5th Remote Control Film Night will be kicking off at 7.30 with the usual mix of carefully hand-picked, cool, funny, shocking and quite probably offensive short films from around the web. We will be having all sorts of interactive competitive action as well so have a camera handy and just possibly, without wishing to give too much away, something to draw with.

You can join in on the facebook page, or by following the LUC twitter account @LeamUCinema, where the hashtag #rcfnight will be getting an airing.

I’m off to clear the protesters away from the entrance of the LUC bunker and prepare the statement of apology that I’m guessing will be needed following the film that will be appearing at about ten pm. Consider yourselves duly teased.


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