Draw Yourself In A Film Competition!

In the chaos of Thursday night’s Remote Control Film Night 5, our “Draw Yourself In A Film” competition got a bit lost. So the competition will run from now until next Saturday (9th March).

comp prize 2Send in a picture of yourself in a scene from any film and the best one will win this ace horror film colouring book, as well as the sort of international acclaim and worldwide fame usually associated with all leamington Underground Cinema competition winners.

To give you some inspiration here are a couple of examples, firstly here is my detailed and complex study of myself being perplexed by the monolith in 2001 A Space Oddyssey


…and here is Christine Cuddihy (aka Art By Prescription) choosing to involve herself in The Never Ending Story


Post your entries on the facebook page, via twitter or on this here blog and I’ll announce the winner next weekend. Get drawing!

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