LUC Festival Update Number 3 – err, maybe not July

So, I have been widely, violently, some would say fairly berated for choosing July for the first LUC festival, so it is now going to be in September – when everyone is actually here and not on holiday. Exact dates to be confirmed in the next week or so.

Despite this naive organisational failure, pulling things together has started to go rather well of late – here are some headlines:

  • At least two of the features I would like to show are lined up – I’m keeping these secret for the time being in the hope of creating an air of enigmatic mystery and anticipation about the whole thing.
  • The marvellous people at the new Leamington Live Arts and Music Project will be providing one of the venues for screenings and music.
  • There will be a very exciting, cinematic Battle of The Bands held at Leamington Spa’s finest watering hole The Clarendon – there will be a fantastic prize for the winners. Audition details soon.
  • I’ve got a few initial sponsors lined up to help fund the short film competition prize.

I do need some more sponsors, so if your business or organisation are interested in helping support the festival, please get in touch. Each sponsor will get their name on all the publicity materials, will get one free ticket for entry to all LUC Festival events and will be able to nominate one person onto the judging panel for the short film competition.

New Festival update next week.


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