LUC Festival Update 5: Exclusive Early Programme News

Despite the fact that I haven’t even got the posters sorted yet, the programme for the Festival is coming together really nicely. Many thanks to everyone who has got involved or committed to stuff so far.

There will be plenty more shiny, official and scruffy unofficial communiques issuing from LUC headquarters in the next month or so, but I wanted to share the first few confirmed programme details so you can see that this festival thing isn’t just a figment of my imagination and is actually starting to take shape:

Wednesday 25th September 8pm – The weekly quiz at the Clarendon will be taken over by LUC for one week only. With a special cinematic bonus prize for the winners.

Thursday 26th Night – At The Zephyr Lounge there will be a screening of one of the most punk rock films ever made – more details soon

Friday 27th Night – At LAMP, There will be a special screening of ace indie documentary Anyone Can Play Guitar followed, if you are good, by a Q&A with the director and exciting musical guests.

Saturday 28th Night – Everyone in the LUC bunker are incredibly excited about this: SCORE-CRAZY! @ The Clarendon – Ten bands will be chosen to perform music from any film score or soundtrack. All auditions will be run through YouTube with the winners on the night walking away with a prize of £1000 (or perhaps more accurately, stumbling away with whats left of £1000 after celebrating their win). Loads more news on this coming later tonight – but get practicing now.

Sunday 29th Night – LUC Festival awards gala evening, although I’m still waiting to hear back from the venue, this is very much on. The ten best short films submitted to the LUC festival will be screened, plus all sorts of entertainment courtesy of the legendary Jon Kennedy and the Underground Usherettes.

So if you like the look of any of that get the dates in your diary – any bands interested in SCORE-CRAZY! can start sending in audition videos as soon as they like, ideally to the facebook page – the only rule at the moment is that they must be performances of music from a film to be considered.


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