LUC Festival Update: Announcing SCORE-CRAZY!

Attention everyone, especially those who insist that they have the music in them. Today, LUC in association with the dark overlords at The Clarendon are announcing our epic SCORE-CRAZY! competition.

The idea is that you/your band/the people in your support group perform a cover of your favourite film score music or song – the best entry will win a whopping one thousand pounds, yes, honest – £1000. Fucking hell.

If you fancy a chance of getting your hands on the cash this is what you need to do.

1. Work out what you are going to cover and how you are going to do it – the more unusual and original the better.

2. Record your performance on video, slap it on youtube and submit it to LUC via the facebook page. We’ll collate them all together on a page somewhere for the world to enjoy and for everyone to vote on.

3. Get your entries on-line as soon as you can . The ten videos that get the most on-line votes by 31st August 2013 will be invited to take part in the all star final at The Clarendon on the evening of Saturday 28th September as part of this years inaugural Leamington Underground Cinema Festival.

4. The best performance on the night will win the £1000 prize.

So whether its Kenny Loggin’s Highway To The Danger Zone played on the spoons, a punk version Duelling Banjos from Deliverance or maybe even the Theme from Rocky on the pan-pipes – get your video up and get your many fans voting for you. Just remember these 2 simple rules

1. Your chosen tune (or tunes, don’t be afraid to mash things up) must be from a film soundtrack (or soundtracks).

2. Your performance must be a maximum of 5 minutes long.

So get cracking and let all your musical friends know about SCORE-CRAZY! the film music competition that sounds slightly like ‘Scorcese’.

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