Lint The Movie added to LUC Festival

Have you read Lint by Steve Aylett? If not you probably should, in fact if I was you, I’d skive work today get hold of a copy. It is the story of cult Sci-Fi author Jeff Lint, author of little-known, endlessly irritating classics such as ‘One Less Bastard’ and ‘I Eat Fog’. There is a fairly shonky review by me knocking around on the internet, in which I gush about how ace it is whilst also somehow managing to involve Coventry City v Scunthorpe.

Anyhow, the book was turned into a film in which the likes of Aylett, Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Josie Long and even the Vessel out of David Devant & His Spirit Wife offering their thoughts on Lint’s strange life and ferociously puzzling works.

I’m delighted to say that Lint The Movie will be screening at the LUC Festival, exact details to be confirmed, but have a squiz at this trailer in the meantime…


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