Leamington Underground Cinema LIVE AT LAMP

Once again LUC is rising to periscope depth to put on a night of cinematic goodness at Leamington’s marvellous new(ish) LAMP venue on Friday 19th July.

As LUC devotees would expect, the programme will include a carefully hand-picked selection of cool short films, some more of those dodgy trailers, musical mayhem and of course the world renowned Jon Kennedy film quiz.

Tickets for this extravaganza are priced at a bargain, recession-taunting, eminently reasonable five pounds and can be picked up at LAMP or from LUC using the usual back channels. Each ticket contains a genuine frame of 35mm film from a classic movie. How cool is that?

Join us in the bar at LAMP for an alcoholic livener or two from 7PM, the show will start at 8PM prompt.

If you like organising yourself via the medium of Facebook, there is an LUC LIVE AT LAMP event page right here



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