LUC LIVE AT LAMP Tickets now on sale

Check down the back of the sofa, raid your kid’s piggy bank,  perform some spontaneous busking in your lunch hour, break every promise you made yourself and go back on the game, commit international monetary fraud by manipulating exchange rates  – just do whatever you can to scrape a few quid together. Because the tickets for the next big LUC event LIVE AT LAMP have gone on sale today.

lamp ticket close up 2As is the way with LUC, the tickets themselves are a bit special – each numbered, hand-made ticket contains a genuine frame from a 35mm print of a classic movie. Get yourself a strong torch and it is like having your own cinema for one 24th of a second!

If you are local to the area, you can pick up tickets from the bar at LAMP (directions) for the bargain price of £5, alternatively you can collar me via facebook, twitter or, if you must, in person and I can, ahem, sort you out.

If you aren’t in the area then tickets can be purchased via ebay for a still very reasonable £6 (because they charge a fee) – if buying on-line we can post your tickets to you for a quid, or we can keep them for you to pick up on the night. Here is a link to the ebay page:

Get them while they’re hot!

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