LUC Short Film Prize Update

I really like watching films – which is just as well. There have now been  over 250 submissions to the first LUC short film prize, with all sorts of genres and styles represented. With nearly two months left until the deadline we already have a great set of films to choose from, but keep them coming – LUC wants to make Leamington Spa the home of cool short films from 23rd – 29th September.

The task of evaluating and selecting the films that we want to screen is well underway. LUC is starting to get in touch with the film makers whose work has been selected – but with the volume of films we have this is going to take a while, so I thought I’d post some quick summary points for everyone who is waiting to hear:

When will I found out of my film has been selected?

LUC has already started to contact filmmakers whose work that we would like to screen, but this is going to take a while and without a better understanding of quantum physics and some sort of time machine it will be hard for us to select work that we haven’t received yet. So the main point to note is that LUC will be in touch about all films that are being invited screen at the festival by Friday August 9th. If it gets to August 10th and we haven’t been in contact then your film hasn’t been selected.

Will I get feedback on why my film wasn’t selected?

As the LUC Short Film Prize isn’t charging an entry fee, the volume of films, coupled with our comparatively meagre resources means that it isn’t going to be possible to give feedback on individual submissions. However you really shouldn’t take it as any sort of rejection, you are all winners in my eyes – however, the following are the main reasons that your film didn’t get in:

1. It doesn’t fit with the LUC feel or the Festival programme, this is down to our editorial choices and not the quality or content of your film.

2. It may well have been ace, but there were other films that were even ace-er.

3. In some cases, some films had a few technical issues, most commonly to do with clarity of sound.

4. To be honest in some cases, we just didn’t really enjoy it. But who cares what we think? You shouldn’t, that’s for sure.

Where and when will my Magnus Opus be hitting the screen?

The main programme for the festival is being prepared for the end of June – this programme will contain slots for short film submissions to be screened. These will either be

1. …at specific short film screenings

2. …as part of other events during the festival

3. …as support for a feature screening during the festival

As soon as we have an idea of where your film will fit in we will let you know – the full detailed programme, including all shorts will be published by the 1st September.

How will I know if I am one of the lucky finalists?

All finalists will be informed of their elite status during the first week of September. The best film will be awarded the £1000 prize at the gala, red-carpet, glitzy final event on Sunday 29th September. Each film in the final will get one free ticket to this event.


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