LUC Festival Update: Programme Imminent

Although it has taken a bit longer to sort out than originally planned – the programme for the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival will be released by the glorious central planning committee in the next week or so. We’ve got some new exciting venues involved, such as Arts Trail Studios, plus almost a hundred short films to screen during the week – so the LUC steam-driven scheduling computer is being pushed to its analog limits to get a workable timetable in place.

The great news is that a large part of the festival will be free to attend – with eminently reasonable ticket prices in place for some of the more premium events – nothing will cost more that £5 to attend.

The LUC personnel department is currently going through all the applications that we’ve had for volunteers to help out with organising and running the festival – we’ll be getting back to all successful applicants in the next week.

Finally, the chaps in the propaganda section assure us that there will be a festival trailer, ready to assail your audio-visual senses via YouTube in early August.


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