Five days left to win £1000 for your short film

As of midnight tonight, there will be just 5 days, or 120 hours, or 7200 minutes remaining for you to submit your sub-10 minute masterpiece for the first LUC short film prize.

There are details of how to enter and a form for submission on this very web site.

The LUC film selection committee (short film sub-group) is hard at work finalising the selection for the LUC Festival and arguing violently over which 15 films will make the prestigious final on 29th September – where one will win the big cash prize.

We’ve nearly had four hundred entries now, but there is still room in the programme to be filled, so keep them coming. But remember: The deadline for submission is midnight (GMT) on friday 2nd of August. Anything submitted after that won’t be considered.

Also, if you are posting stuff to us, please make sure you put enough postage on it. The bean counters in the LUC finance wing don’t have the resources available to fund unpaid postage costs.


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