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Help Produce Our New Short Film ‘Agent Carling’

Just because things aren’t quite hectic enough in the Leamington Underground Cinema bunker at the moment – cheeky upstart film making wing, LUC Films are shooting an original short film entitled ‘Agent Carling’ at the start of September and want to give you the opportunity to back the film and get involved. It’s a bit like crowd-funding, except we only need a very small crowd.

Firstly, a quick description of the film:

“In the midst of a long term hunt for an evil kidnapper and serial killer, a lone agent is working the nightshift at headquarters. Suddenly a burst of radio activity breaks the calm of the early hours, it is the intrepid Agent Carling calling in. He has found the location of the hostages and against orders he’s heading in. We listen in as the situation rapidly spirals out of control…”

Agent Carling is a darkly comedic short (under 5 minutes) film which is being shot in Leamington Spa and featuring local talent. The film will shoot during the first week of September on a set that is currently being designed and built.

In order to make the film as good as it can be, we are looking for a bit of financial support to improve the set and fund the expenses for some of the talented people helping to make the film. This isn’t an investment opportunity, the intention is to make a cool short film for an extremely low budget and have some fun while doing it. If you have a few spare quid rattling around and this sounds like your sort of thing, there are a few ways that you can get involved.

1. Support Agent Carling for £15

For this you will get a rare and exclusive DVD of the film, featuring handmade artwork. You will also get a “thanks to” mention in the credits. This is open to ten contributors.

2. Be in Agent Carling for £25

Part of the set will feature pictures of victims and suspects – you (or you and your partner/family if you like) will be photographed to be one of these characters which will be clearly seen in the finished film. Plus you will get a “thanks to” mention in the credits and one of the rare and exclusive DVDs. NOTE: Please be aware that this film will most definitely not be suitable for kids. This is open to five contributors.

3. Executive produce Agent Carling for £100

If you fancy yourself as the cigar-chomping type, then you can be credited as the executive producer of the film for £100. This is only open to two contributors. Executive producers will get the appropriate title in the credits of the film and a copy of the script to keep. Plus you get to have your photo in the film and will receive the hand crafted exclusive DVD. We will also arrange a brief visit to the set to meet the cast and crew. You will be able to say “I produced a film once” while chatting people up or appearing on talk shows.

If you fancy any of these exciting opportunities please use the form below to let us know and we will be in touch. Alternatively send LUC a message on Facebook, or collar me in the street if you absolutely must.

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