Although most of the LUC Festival screenings and events are free, a few prestige elements will cost you the bargain price of £5 to attend. You can be assured that this money will be going towards the costs of putting on the festival and contributing to the short film prize fund. It will definitely be not used to fund a new hot tub in the LUC bunker’s officers quarters. Definitely not.

In addition to helping fund what may well be one of the coolest new festivals, you will also get your hands on what are almost certainly the coolest looking film festival tickets. Just please remember not to accidentally stick them in a ticket machine at the station.

There are now links to buy tickets on the Festival page on this site. But also just to be helpful you can get clicking on them here too. We’ll be in touch with your ticket number(s) and keep them for you to pick up at the venue on the day. If course if you are in the local area there will be all sorts of people who can sell you a ticket in person, get in touch if you need to get hold of some in exchange for cold hard cash.

Friday 27th September 7.30 pm – Anyone Can Play Guitar + Q&A + Underground Shorts + Live Band

Click Here To BUY TICKETS £5 Each

Sunday 29th September 5.00pm – Sound Of Noise + Underground Shorts

Click the button to buy tickets   Buy Now Button £5 Each

Sunday 29th September 8.00pm – LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013

Click the button to buy tickets   Buy Now Button £5 Each


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