Festival Spotlight No.1: The Secret Society Of Fine Arts

Now that the countdown timer to the first LUC Festival is hovering somewhere between ‘squeeky bum time’ and ‘critical panic’ – the PR department in the LUC bunker are going to tempt you with more details of the individual events, in an ongoing series that they have decided to call ‘Festival Spotlight’…

If you are a fan of daring, stylish, inventive cinema then the Zentropa-produced The Secret Society Of Fine Arts will (almost literally) blow you away.

This tale of art terrorism in Berlin has been made using cleverly manipulated and animated still images to create a visual feast and a unique cinematic experience. While drawing it’s visual inspiration from La Jettee (the short that went on to inspire Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys) – the plot of TSSOFA is like a head on collision between two cars, one carrying the Sensation artists of the 90’s and the other carrying the Baader Meinhof Gang.

We are delighted to be screening this film to open our first festival in partnership with Leamington LAMP on Monday 23rd September and are even more delighted that entry will be free. From 7:30 we will be screening a hand-picked selection of short films that were submitted to the LUC Short Film Prize. The feature will start, following after a brief interval to re-charge your glasses, at 8:30.

There is Facebook event page for this screening here: LUC Festival The Secret Society Of Fine Arts please feel free to invite anyone you think will enjoy it.


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