Festival Spotlight No. 2: Underground Shorts at Altoria

LUCFEST ALTORIA COMPLETE 1000pxSome people think popcorn. Others prefer a hotdog. Some poor, misguided, unsanitary souls even think cheesy nachos are an acceptable choice – but really, the best thing to enjoy with a film is booze.

Which means that it is very exciting to announce that as part of the LUC festival, the well appointed Altoria on Warwick Street will be providing an exclusive bar-based screening of 90 minutes of exceptionally cool short films, all submitted for the LUC Short Film Prize.

The programme on Tuesday 24th September includes a broad range of drama, comedy, thrillers and even some dramatic comedy thrillers. Subjects covered include edgy criminals, randy rabbits, saucy webcam action and even a brand new urban sport.

There will even be some exciting film music DJ action a the conclusion of the cinematic programme.

How much are tickets for this fine event?

Nothing. Nada. Zero!

Yes, thanks to the marvellous people at Altoria this very special event will be FREE ENTRY so get down early to snag a seat and a glass or two of something refreshing.

The films will start at 8.00pm. There is a Facebook page for this event here: LUC Festival – Underground Shorts at Altoria

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