Full LUC Festival Programme

With just 6 days left until the first LUC festival kicks off with The Secret Society Of Fine Arts. The mood in the bunker is steely but frantic, with all sorts of last minute bits and pieces to sort out.

The latte drinking hipsters in the PR department will be constantly PR-ing for the next couple of weeks and the technical department keep running around the office clutching DVDs and screaming something panic-stricken about “Rendering”. All the while, the sweaty beancounters in finance are constantly worrying about the state of the LUC reserves (or more appropriately ‘overdraft’) so for the sake of their blood pressure, here are the links for the three ticketed events during the festival:

Click here to buy tickets for Anyone Can Play Guitar

Click Here to buy tickets for Sound Of Noise

Click Here to buy tickets for the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013

Of course this is just part of the full programme of 6 features and 85 shorts which is now compiled right here in a big fully detailed PDF for you to peruse, print out, carry round with you, make paper aeroplanes with etc etc.

Please forgive the simplistic typesetting and  likely myriad spelling mistakes. We’ve kept it simple after a few complaints about the print-a-bility of other LUC paper goods – no flash pictures, just lots of red-hot informative Gill Sans text detailing every single film that we will be screening next week. Enjoy.



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