LUCFEST JERKBEAST COMPLETE 1000pxThe atmosphere in the LUC bunker is electric (as well as quite murky) following two opening nights that exceeded even the blindly optimistic fools in the PR department’s expectations. Thanks to LAMP and Altoria for hosting two standing-room-only nights of cool and original cinematic entertainment. If you haven’t come across it already, check out the blog of Benn Veasey, who is heroically reviewing as much of the festival as may be humanly possible.

Tonight, LUC in conjunction with the Zephyr Lounge present a programme of some fantastically dark, edgy and comedic Underground short films followed by an exclusive screening of the most punk rock movie ever made (or that is ever likely to be made), Jerkbeast.

This is the story of the worst band in history, featuring the most fucked-up people in the world. That may sound like an exaggeration, but really it isn’t – experience it yourself this evening in the comfort of luxury sofa seating (if you get down early enough).

Best of all – THIS EVENT IS FREE ENTRY! – that’s a lot of entertainment for no pounds, even in this economy.

Tonights shorts programme will begin at 7.30 and contains some ace films so come down early and have a few beers before it all, quite literally, kicks off. We will be selling exclusive LUC Posters at bargain prices and tickets for this weekends events.



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