REMOTE CONTROL FILM NIGHT – This Thursday – 7.30pm

1044825_549610825105617_679639524_nA message from the hard-working and formally attired staff of the LUC communications office: Please note our t-minus 102 hour warning that on Thursday evening at 7.30, Leamington Underground Cinema will commence the 7th Remote Control Film Night.

This is our unique and innovative film event that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world, using anything (PC, games console, phone, speak and spell) that is connected to the internet. By tuning in to the LUC Facebook page, or our twitter feed you can enjoy an evening of interactive cinematic entertainment with the odd competition thrown in here and there.

Advance notice is given that you should carry out a quick audit of your DVD collection and have some pens and paper ready for joining in with some of the creative fun – more details on the night. Don’t worry if you aren’t free until later on Thursday – the beauty of the Remote Control Night is that you can join in whenever you like.

Let us know if you are planning to get a gathering together to enjoy the evening’s entertainments and we will provide what we are led to believe is known as a ‘shout out’.

Please spread the word – The Remote Control Film Night is completely free to enjoy and is guaranteed 100% clear of any infectious diseases.

If you are the facebook type, there is an event page here.

Full operational guidance follows below:

RCFN November 1000px


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