New LUC Events for January 2014

This new year, don’t choose resolutions that are no fun and make you feel guilty 3 weeks later when you are making up excuses involving old football injuries and blood sugar levels to avoid jogging and salad. Instead, why not make a new commitment to attend more cool, exclusive and out-of-the-ordinary film screenings where there is beer readily available?

Today we are announcing two exciting new LUC events to get your new year of film watching up up off it’s fat arse and going for the burn in the best way possible.

First up on Thursday 9th January is the ace sci-fi movie, Piercing Brightness, written by Leamington Spa’s very own Kirk Lake, screening alongside mysterious short The Field featuring Alice Lowe from Sightseers.

Act-of-KillingThen on the 23rd LUC will be screening the universally acclaimed documentary, The Act Of Killing, of which no less an authority than Werner Herzog said, “I have not seen a film as powerful, surreal, and frightening in at least a decade… unprecedented in the history of cinema.” – and he has worked with Nicolas Cage recently, so don’t miss the chance to catch it.

Both films will be screening at Leamington LAMP, so you can enjoy a drink or two to compliment your viewing experience. Plus, in a move that has the bean counters in the LUC finance section dousing themselves in petrol and looking for a match, these screenings will both be run on a Pay What You Want basis. So come along, enjoy the films and then stick as much as you like in the LUC Ad-Hoc Payment Collection Receptacle (bucket) on your way to the bar.

Plenty more info coming soon, but get the dates in your diary, these two screenings are not to be missed.


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