Mark it Dude! Big Lebowski Screening 22nd Feb

LebowskiCask1000pxFollowing a delightful evening in the pub for Withnail & I – Leamington Underground Cinema is back with the second in our season of movies for the discerning modern drinker – The Big Lebowski.

This Coen Brothers classic will kick off at 9pm on the  22nd February, accompanied as always by a handpicked selection of trailers from the very bottom of the dank, dark LUC repository.

So join us at The Cask and Bottle – around the big screen that really ties the room together – once more for an evening of laid back cinematic genius and kahlua based cocktail consumption.

This is a Pay What You Want screening so come and enjoy the film, and chuck whatever you like in LUC’s sparkly receptacle. Please note: Your karma may be affected.

Also anyone who turns up dressed as The Dude will get a free White Russian. Far out.

Please also note that the sound will much better than the W&I screening following fine tuning by the technical wizards at the Cask.

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