LUC pop-up cinema drinking season film 3: Cocktail

CocktailCask1000pxThe third film in our pop-up cinema drinking trilogy is 80’s cheese-fest Cocktail.

Specially chosen by the proprietor of The Cask and Bottle (it is his all-time favourite film) – this exclusive screening will also involve a daring and dashing display of gravity defying cocktail making by the bar staff. They will be throwing bottles all over the place and mixing some very special drinks – just for you.

So join us on Saturday the 29th of March for an evening of fantastic drinks, sage advice from Bryan Brown – and really intense, jaw clenching ‘acting’ from Tom Cruise.

Film action will start at 9pm, but all manner of cocktails will be available to help you warm up earlier in the evening. There is no entry fee, this is a Pay What You Want event – this time there really will be a sparkly cocktail shaker passed round for your generous contributions.

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