LUC Festival 2014 – Early Info

LUC FEST 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT POSTERFollowing the messy triumph of last year’s first ever LUC Festival – we have been given clearance by the medical department to do it all again this year. There will probably be nowhere to hide from the relentless LUC PR machine over the next few months, but as the calm before the storm here are some of the major points to whet your appetite…

1. The LUC Festival 2014 will run for five days from Tuesday 7th October to Saturday 11th October. This is slightly different from last year where we had the bright idea of finishing on a Sunday night. Those responsible for this scheduling blunder have, of course, been taken out and shot.

2. Once again the programme will be a great selection of cool features and shorts at a variety of venues around the town – please get in touch if you are interested in hosting an event.

3. The second LUC Short Film Prize 2014 will be awarded on the last night of the festival – it will be like the oscars, but hopefully less shit. Submissions to the competition will be open from June to August – absolutely loads more info coming soon. Once again it will be free to enter and the best film submitted will win £1000 and an utterly unique trophy.

4. This year we will be introducing the LUC Video Game Prize 2013 – where the best film-themed independently developed game submitted will win £500 and possibly some other exciting items. More info soon, bur submissions will open in June so get cracking on some ideas for that.

5. LUC is hoping to offer a young filmmakers short film prize this year as well – more news on how this develops in the coming months.

6. We will be recruiting volunteers for key tactical roles later in the year – start on your press-ups now.

7. Finally – we will be looking for some heroic sponsors to help cover the costs of the festival – we will be running some crowdfunding action for those who would like to support the festival by purchasing passes to all events (and possibly snag some exclusive LUC items) – but there will also be a range of sponsorship opportunities ranging from £150 to £1000. If you or your organisation are interested, please give us a shout via

Plenty more information coming soon – in the meantime spread the word and keep clear 7th – 11th October in your diary (probably worth keeping the 12th free as well).



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