Join the elite LUC Bunker Brigade from today!

In an historic turn of events, the glorious central committee is offering the general proletariat the opportunity to help carve out cinematic history as part of LUC’s elite Bunker Brigade.

BB EXAMPLEFor an annual fee of just £10 you will be assigned a special codename by the sadists in Human Resources and issued with your very own ID card like the one picture to the right.

The key benefits of becoming a Bunker Brigade operative are:

– Concession price entry to all LUC paid events and reductions on forthcoming LUC products
– Exclusive Bunker Brigade only communiques, competitions and just possibly, events
– Entry to the LUC League of Legends – where all Bunker Brigade members can fulfil special missions to score points, with ace monthly prizes awarded to the leading operatives.

The League of Legends will commence from the seemingly appropriate first of April – so make sure you have signed up in time. A full operating manual for all Bunker Brigade operatives will be made available prior to this date, jam-packed with rules, regulations and all manner of low level clearance background information from the bunker.


You can join in person at any LUC event or screening by collaring one of our staff, filling in a form and shoving a tenner in their direction. Alternatively, place your particulars in the form below and, once we have screened you against our computerised list of arch-criminals, terrorist organisations and Guy Ritchie fans, we will e-mail you details of how to proceed through the induction process.

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