Announcing the LUC Video Game Prize 2014

LUC VG Prize NES posterAs part of the second LUC Festival, we are launching our first competitive foray into the world of interactive entertainment. Leamington Spa is a hotbed of game developing talent, so LUC is offering the chance to win the first LUC Video Game Award and £500 quid for developing a cool game inspired by the world of cinema.

There are a bunch more details on the dedicated page on this very site – but the highlights are:

1. We are offering a prize of £500 to the best film-related video game submitted

2. You can submit your game between 1st June and the 14th September

3. The winner will be announced at an event in Leamington Spa on the afternoon of Saturday 11th October.

So, plenty of time to come up with an ace idea for a game and develop it. More details and information and submitting your game soon – but early rules and info are available here.

The LUC games division will be providing some examples to help inspire and guide you in the coming months…


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