Tabloid screening on 1st May

PWYW TabloidThe second film in our bank-worrying Pay What You Want season is Errol Morris’ brilliant Tabloid. The screening takes place at LAMP on 1st may with the cinematic programme beginning at 8pm – once again there will be an appropriate receptacle for you to deposit your preferred payment.

We’ve been having a spot of bother with the mouth-breathers in comms this week so here is a description of this wildly entertaining film taken from the Dogwoof web site:

TABLOID follows the much stranger-than-fiction adventures of Joyce McKinney, a former “beauty queen” whose single-minded devotion to the man of her dreams leads her across the globe and directly onto the front pages of the British tabloid newspapers. Joyce’s crusade for love and personal vindication, as illustrated by Morris, takes her through a surreal world of gunpoint abduction, manacled Mormons, oddball accomplices, bondage modeling, magic underwear and dreams of celestial unions. This notorious affair is barking mad.

Trust me, this is a belter, don’t miss it. If you need more persuasion, here is the trailer:


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