The threat level meter in the LUC bunker is just about to tip over to Def-Con 1, the upper defenses have been manned, all shore leave cancelled and the reactor switched into overdrive mode. The reason for all this frenzied activity is that submissions for the Leamington Underground Cinema Short Film Prize 2014 have just been opened.

Following the amazing response we got to our first short film competition prize last year – the finance committee have confirmed through gritted teeth that we will once again be awarding a £1000 prize for the best short film submitted for our festival which takes place in October 2014. Plus, to the further, almost suicidal dismay of the finance committee, this contest is completely free to enter.

Please visit the submission page on this very site to read the rules and check out the submission form – but if you are the sort of devil-may-care maverick who doesn’t have the time to read a load of stuff and doesn’t mind if your film gets rejected for not following the rules – here are the main points:

1. The competition is open to any kind of film completed after 1st January 2013 and less than 10 minutes long in total (including credits).

2. There is no entry fee.

3. The best film submitted will win the LUC Short Film Prize 2014 trophy and £1000.

4. One entry per person – use the form at the bottom of the contest page.

5. Don’t break any laws, or at least not any that we can get the blame for.*

Submissions are open now until the deadline of 14th August – so if you’ve already got something ‘in the can’ as I believe people still say, feel free to submit straight away. But if you are still working on your sub-ten minute masterpiece, you’ve got three months to get it done!

Good Luck and we hope to see you at the final in October.

*The legal department of Leamington Underground Cinema would like to distance itself from this puerile attempt at humour.



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