Back The LUC Fest & Get A Song Written Just For You By Lewis J Smith

We’ve got a brand new reward for one lucky backer of our Kickstarter campaign:


imgresThis is a very special and strictly unique, one-off reward. Leamington musical sensation, Lewis J Smith, will write a song all about you (or perhaps more interestingly someone you nominate) and will perform it at an event during the festival for you and everyone else to enjoy. We’ll even bung it on a CD for you.

Just think , you can get Lewis to serenade you, or perhaps someone that you’d like to send a special message to, while also contributing to this year’s festival. You could even team up and get a song written for one of your mates, we promise that Lewis will not make it too much of a creepy and strange experience – unless that is exactly what you are after.

Check out some of Lewis’s material here ( and follow him rabidly on facebook at The cost of this exceptionally unique reward is £275, but when you consider that he’ll cerainly be rather famous soon, that could turn out to be an absolute bargain.

Head over to our Kickstarter page to secure this fantastic opportunity or to check out our other rewards for backing the festival


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