LUC Festival Kickstarter – 3 weeks to go

kickstart this poster 1000 pxAfter a spectacular first week, the LUC Festival 2014 Kickstarter Campaign, has been ticking over quietly for the last seven days. After a brief investigation, the Glorious Central Committee’s Special Inquisitions Squad have concluded that this is because “The weather has been amazing. Everyone is outside, skiving off work and enjoying the sunshine rather than thinking about film festival crowd-funding campaigns”.

Based on these findings, our leaders came up with two plans:

1. Build a giant nuclear powered laser device which when fired into the sky will produce unseasonably arctic conditions and force everyone inside to look at their computers and think about exciting indoor activities for later in the year.


2. Do loads of e-mailing, general PR and write a blog update titled “LUC Festival Kickstarter – 3 weeks to go”.

After the debate on which option to choose snowballed into a cavalcade of terrible puns related to cold temperatures, mostly delivered in vaguely East-European accents, the laser project was abandoned and, well, here we are.

At present the total has reached £1831, which is a marvellous 61% of our £3000 target – with 3 weeks left there is still plenty of time to get involved. There are still plenty of sponsorship opportunities available, although the marvellous people at Aspect Consultants and Emerald IT are sponsoring the short film prize and video game prize respectively.

You can back the festival for as little as £1, with rewards starting at £5 pledged. If you want to be sure of your seat at all events a festival pass can be yours for £25. Above that we’ve got all sorts of goodies available, including exclusive artwork, PR packages, a special song written especially for you and even the chance to be one of our esteemed panel of judges.

Due to the way that kickstarter works – the festival will only be funded if we reach or exceed the £3000 target by the 15th August. Otherwise there will be no funding and a much smaller festival – possibly hosted in an abandoned caravan up on bricks in a bleak pub car park in the middle of the night.

Taking a more positive view, if we raise more money than we need then we will look to expand the festival or put on another free event in Leamington sometime soon.

So please get pledging, or spread the word as widely and wildly as you can without breaking any really serious laws.


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