LUC Festival Kickstarter Stretch Goals

The beancounters in the bunker finance office are looking more relaxed than usual as it turns out that we have almost hit our funding target of £3000.

Many thanks to everyone who has pledged or spread the word about this campaign and the festival. Of course we’re not quite there yet so please encourage everyone to keep pledging on the kickstarter page – there may even be a special surprise for whoever takes us over the £3k mark.

The target we set was the bare minimum for putting on five days worth of events – but if we are able to raise more than we will be able to improve the events on offer and expand the programme.

An outline of events at the festival will be hitting the internet this Monday 4th August which will consist of 9 screenings & events from the 7th to the 11th.

If we are able to hit these stretch targets then we will add the following

£3200  —  Add a very special extra mystery feature film to the video game award event

£3500 — Add special musical guests to the Thursday night screening

£4000 — We will add a new event featuring a World Cinema classic screening

£5000 —  We will put on a free public screening of a cult classic movie in Leamington Spa in the next 6 months


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