#LUCFEST Kickstarter Campaign Finished & Successful

As the artificial sunlight rose through the portholes of the LUC bunker barracks this ‘morning’ there was a carnival atmosphere in the air. Official word arrived from kickstarter that at the end of our fundraising campaign had arrived with our targets met, plus an extra £177!

Huge thanks to everyone who has either contributed or spread the word and helped us officially hit our fundraising target – its great to know that we will be able to put on a cool film festival this October in Leamington Spa.

As we hit our target a while back, all manner of subterranean machinations are already on the go – there will be more announcements about the programme this weekend, tickets for some events will be going on sale imminently and all manner of #LUCFEST artwork will be springing up all over the place in the next couple of weeks.

Once we have word from kickstarter that payments have gone through we will be in touch about rewards – so all you heroic pledgers: keep an eye on your inbox, as my doctor often tells me.


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