LUC NEEDS YOU! Volunteer for #LUCFEST 2014

There is an ancient proverb scrawled in what may well be blood across the wall in the LUC HR division:

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day – but give someone a lanyard and you can get them to do all sorts of stuff”

The Leamington Underground Cinema Festival 2014 is looking for volunteers to get involved with this year’s events and activities. We are after people to get involved in two particular ways:

1. Helping out at events during the festival – this will involve setting up, manning doors, herding people, doing a bit of general PR and helping to tidy up afterwards.

2. Spreading the word – working with the blue sky thinkers in our elite marketing department, we need to spread the word around as much as possible about the festival, both online as well as through more traditional methods: putting up posters, handing out flyers, telling all of your friends and colleagues at work or in the pub, interpretive dance and semaphore. We are especially keen to get representatives at all the local seats of learning – so if you are a student let us know.

volunteer badge picIn addition to the local fame, boosted karma and wildly increased sexual magnetism that are by products of volunteering with LUC, you will also get the following:

– Free entry to our screening of The Double and Short Film Prize events on the last night of the festival.

– A pint at some point

– Yes, you get a badge and lanyard to show the world how important you are.

If this all sound up your civic-minded, lanyard-desiring street then please pop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch once the HR dept have ascertained how you can best be deployed. Please don’t despair if you don’t hear back from us – it won’t be personal, we will just have already filled all the available positions.



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