Video Game Prize – 5 days left to submit your entry

VG PRIZE POSTER 1000pxThe deadline for the first ever Emerald IT LUC Video Game Prize is now just five days away – get your submissions in by the end of 30th September to be in with a chance of appearing in the final and winning £500. You can find all the rules and an entry form on this very site.

The final will be held at The Zephyr lounge on Saturday 11th October at midday, hosted by the incomparable Frankie Griffiths and will be followed by a screening of the brilliant documentary “The King of Kong”. Tickets are available now for just £3, each game in the final will get a free ticket.

We have managed to assemble an elite judging panel for this first award, the members of this formidable jury are:

Sarah Windrum 
“I look after the mobile technology side of Emerald and am very excited by the work of the Silicon Spa developers!”
Darren Windrum
“I head up the IT department and have been a keen gamer since my first Amstrad!”
Natalie Griffith
Event Director of Backspace and the Owner of indie PR agency Press Space
Chris White
Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington
Alex Darby
Has worked in the Video Game industry since 1996, and is currently director / owner of darbotron ltd a local Indie Micro Studio, and a director of the creative co-working space Arch Creatives. During his career he’s been a Technical Director, a Lead Game Designer, and though he tries to keep it quiet he’s not entirely awful at art either. Alex was also a founding member of FreeStyleGames where, amongst other things, he helped to create the DJ Hero franchise.
To spur you along, here is an early entry – Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, by Christine Cuddihy, click on the picture to give it a go!

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