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Revised #LUCFEST Programme!

As you can imagine, the LUC Bunker has been at DEFCON 1 the last few days since we learnt that Warwick District Council had decided to close LAMP, one of our key venues, with absolutely no notice at all. Once the wailing, gunfire and general rioting had calmed down, we were able to use our covert festival organising squad to set about salvaging as much of the affected events as possible.

The unfortunate news is that, with the time available, we just weren’t able to relocate the theatrical, dramatic events planned for the opening evening – so Call of Cthulhu has been postponed to a later date.

The better news is that the other events planned for LAMP will go ahead at new venues. Our exciting, educational and above all free to attend ‘How to become an arts journalist…” event will now take place in the swanky surrounds of The Royal Pup Rooms Annexe at 6pm on Thursday 9th October. Then on Friday 10th, our musical bill of Mistaken For Strangers, followed by music headlined by the Swaps, moves just round the corner to The Zephyr Lounge.

The best news is that all other events are entirely unaffected. But here is a newly revised poster anyway…


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