#LUCFEST Short Film Selection Programme and Finalists

After a whole bunch of venue related shenanigans and much argumentative short-listing here are the details regarding when the short films selected for this years festival will be playing – as well as the eight films that will be competing for the Aspect Consultants LUC Short Film Prize 2014 on 11th October at the Royal Pump Rooms. The full electronic programme with pictures and stuff is coming this weekend – as long as our antique computing equipment can hold it together for one final push…

Screening with Cult Movie Double Bill on 8th October from 7pm:

10ml I.V. submitted by Andrew Gillman
Double Act submitted by Ding Shiwei
Timothy submitted by Marc Martínez Jordán

Screening with Birdemic plus The Rosenberg Appeal on 9th October from 8pm:

The Low Road, Baby submitted by Mark Roeder
Banana Skins submitted by Matt McCooey
Skeleton Key  submitted by Meredith Nolan
Pins  submitted by Kimberly Brown

Screening with Mistaken For Strangers plus The Swaps on 10th October from 7pm:

Dad In Mum  submitted by FABRICE BRACQ
im.promp.tu  submitted by Michael Slobodian
Stifle  submitted by John Hennessy
Das Katzenjammertal  submitted by Ara Jo
Love in the City  submitted by Emanuele Michetti
The Man From Arctica  submitted by Nils J. Nesse
Travis  submitted by Stephen French

Screening with the Emerald IT LUC Video Game Prize plus King Of Kong on 11th October from 12pm:

BZz  submitted by Luca Fattore
Schrödinger’s Bed  submitted by Michael Murnau
Providence  submitted by Sam Amos
Free Will  submitted by Quentin Pointillart
A Perfect Day submitted by Oguzhan Kaya
Enlightenment  submitted by Marat Narimanov

Screening with The Double on 11th October from 5pm:

Provisoire  submitted by Anthony Cajan
Jump  submitted by Robert Dawes
TRIP Paulista  submitted by Marcia Beatriz Granero
Amateurs  submitted by Yoo In-cheol
Lost Cubert  submitted by Jakob Schmidt

Finalists for the Aspect Consultants LUC Short Film Prize 2014 – screening on 11th October from 8pm:

Old Dog, New Tricks  submitted by Oscar Udbye
Richie  submitted by Andy Salamonczyk
Golden  submitted by Simon Ball
Studies on Hysteria  submitted by Felix Ruple
Hybris  submitted by Arjan Brentjes
Happy Memories  submitted by Jack Fields
Renewing Mikael  submitted by Joonas Makkonen
La Fille aux Feuilles  submitted by Marina Rosset


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