5 things to watch ASAP before US Netflix gets blocked (possibly)

Netflix’s greatest achievement hasn’t been changing the way that TV is consumed, or challenging the established orthodoxy of movie distribution. No. Netflix’s greatest achievement is that it has made normal people everywhere in the UK become technical gurus – messing about with Proxy Servers and holding all manner of conversations about DNS settings.

The fact that with a bit of tweaking you can augment the somewhat sparse selection with the US catalogue means that suddenly even your gran is suddenly interested in fiddling with IP address configuration.

News has emerged all over the place in the last few days that these glory days of technical tinkering and expansive film entertainment may be coming to an end. So before they slap up the digital blockade, here are the things that you should enjoy as soon as you can…

1. Snowpiercer

Awesome, inventive and brutal sci-fi fable about revolution on an eternally running train – still not been released in the UK for some reason. Not to be missed, Tilda Swinton gives one of the all-time brilliant eccentric performances.

2. The Master

Not quite as good as There Will Be Blood, but still a unique and absorbing character study by PT Anderson. Joaquin Phoenix is genuinely amazing, caught up in the birth of something very akin to Scientology.

3. Louie

Confusingly titled genius anti-sitcom written, edited, directed, produced and starring Louis C.K. (who does the catering and make-up as well probably). Beltingly funny one moment, maudlin or thoughtful the next. There’s three series to get through, but at 20 minutes an episode you can do it in a weekend if needed.

4. I Saw The Devil

The Ne Plus Ultra of Korean revenge films. Choi Min Sik (from Oldboy) portrays quite possibly the most unpleasant character you have ever seen on film – a serial killer who is brutalised to almost comedic levels by the fiance of one of his victims. Very hard to watch, but somehow worthwhile. If you can prove that you watched the whole thing, the filmmakers will send you a commemorative badge which reads “I Saw I Saw The Devil”.

5. The Act Of Killing

An incredible documentary about what happen when the bad guys win. The film challenges those who too part in the Indonisian “anti-communist” purges in the 1960’s to re-enact their crimes in the style of old Hollywood movies. An incredibly strange, important and ultimately haunting film.


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