Join in with LUC’s first ever Film Assignment

This year the ‘education enforcement’ squad of LUC’s community outreach wing is running a series of exciting and interactive Film Assignments. The aim is to get everyone watching more movies from the less well-known, but far more interesting end of the cinematic spectrum – and then arguing wildly over what they thought about them.

Each month we will name a film and a deadline date – your mission is to procure and watch the film, then have a think about it and tell the world what you thought in 300 words or less on the new LUC Forum or, more briefly on twitter using the hashtag #LUCFA1.

Following the deadline, a shadowy group of hardened LUC types and first-time viewers will be gathered together to review the whole thing and decide who made the best, most interesting and most entertaining observations or arguments on the forums/twitter. The individual who submitted the best response will be named the assignment winner and get a cool prize. We’re currently planning that this announcement will take the form of an audio recording which will also include the particulars of the next assignment.

The info for Assignment #1 is:

Film: I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK (2006) dir. Park Chan-Wook

Deadline for forum or twitter posts: 23rd January

Winner announced and Film Assignment #2 set: 28th January

There is a thread set up on the forum for your witty, thoughtful, sweary and philosophical musings at:



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