‘UNDERCLASS’ – LUC’s new publication is on Kickstarter

UNDERCLASS 1 COVER 1000pxAfter all manner of enigmatic whisperings and outrageous rumours the R&D section have confirmed the forthcoming appearance of a brand new quarterly publication from Leamington Underground Cinema…

UNDERCLASS will be a small but perfectly formed journal featuring articles on some of our favourite, little-known movies alongside exclusive artwork and a variety of exciting content and features.

The aesthetic side of things is being handled by the enormously talented Christine Cuddihy – you can check out her work at www.christinecuddihy.co.uk – and the cover of the first issue is reproduced below. The glorious central committee has instructed the editorial staff to make sure that all content is informative, entertaining & irreverent in tone. There are alarmingly harsh penalties in place to make sure that these instructions are followed.

Each issue of UNDERCLASS will be available as a digital pdf file, or as a tangible, tactile A5 booklet, ready to be scribbled on, or used as an emergency drink coaster. Our current plan is that each issue will feature a minimum of eight films. Additional content will include exclusive artwork, puzzles & games, film-related recipes, colouring-in segments and much more.

The first issue costs £1 for a digital copy, or £3 for a physical copy (including postage to the UK) and will be available on the 1st of March.

Our initial funding target to help pay for the production printing and posting of the first issue is £110 – but if we are able to exceed that then we will add some interesting and exciting stretch goals.

You can order the first issue, or a subscription to the four issues that will emerge in 2015 over at the UNDERCLASS Kickstarter page.


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