UNDERCLASS update: Final week and stretch goal


UNDERCLASS 1 COVER 1000pxHere in the hermetically sealed underground network of LUC’s headquarters we are hard at work getting everything ready for the first edition of our new quarterly periodical, UNDERCLASS. The marketing dept. have pointed out that it is high time that we revealed a bit of a tease as to what this launch issue will contain. We don’t want to give too many spoilers away, so here are just three agreed highlights for the purpose of raising anticipation…

1. The films featured in issue one will include Putney Swope, Intacto and Zero Effect plus five more.

2. It has been agreed, after violent negotiation, that the art department can have their own highly specific ‘Disaster Film Corner’.

3. There will be an interactive ‘Logbook of objective viewing’ for readers to use and enjoy.

If you’d like to make sure of receiving the first issue for just £1 for the digital version, or £3 for a physical copy posted to you – then head over to our kickstarter campaign. You can even subscribe for the first four issues and become an ‘Associate Publisher’ as well.


As we are fortunate enough to have reached our funding target, the glorious central committee have permitted us to add a stretch goal for the final week of the Kickstarter campaign.

If we reach the lofty heights of £350, then each issue will include cut out and keep ‘top trumps’ cards for the films featured, gradually building each quarter into an exciting game – ideal for helping pass the time with dull family members or impressing potential romantic partners.

Once again, many thanks to all of you who have backed UNDERCLASS so far and helped spread the word. We will be in touch with more information once the kickstarter has concluded. Currently we are hoping to be sending out the first issue in the second week of March, dependent on printing etc.

More news soon.


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