UNDERCLASS Issue Two Arrives

UNDERCLASS ISSUE 2 Cover smallThanks to either:

1) A rip in the space time continuum found in the depths of the R&D wing.


2) Poor time management and technical deficiencies in the editorial department.

We are delighted to announce the emergence of the June issue of UNDERCLASS (the periodical journal of LUC) now at the end of July.

This marvellous second issue includes another eight articles on brilliant, but less well known films alongside more exclusive original art from Christine Cuddihy. Also on board are a load of other bits and pieces, including a board game, a made up film trivia top ten of abandoned sequels and the chance to colour in Warren Beatty.

The films to check out (and then view and analyse in your personal screening log book) in this issue are:

The Brothers Bloom

The Way of the Gun

The Magic Christian


Southland Tales

The Yellow Sea

Whoops Apocalypse

Sleepless Night

You can pick up your copy of this historical issue on the internet via Etsy for just £3 – or grab one at any forthcoming LUC event or during POP QUIZ HOT SHOT at the drawing board every other Sunday.


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